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put your heads together... FOR ‘PEOPLE POWERED PROGRESS’

For students who want to save the world AND find the best job, this is an amazing new platform that beats the hell out of milkrounds. 

We set non-technical, but interesting real world challenges on our app. You collaborate to solve these global issues to improve society and the environment. By playing you earn points for your creativity and ingenuity in our innovation game.

You build your reputation as a kickass problem solver to get jobs with the most amazing companies in the world. It's been designed so a good idea can come from anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Awesome right?

We will even fund the winning social enterprises that you help collaborate on, so you could start your own business if you prefer to work for yourself. This way everyone wins.

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alone we are smart,
together we're

Our challenges are like hackathons but without the coding. More like Powerthons. Or Brain Orgies. This is what happens when we put our minds together.

Join amazing, interesting, dynamic people and solve global challenges. From Climate Change where we're seeing rapid ecological devastation; to societal Issues like gun laws in the US, to racial and sexual discrimination.

Collaboration hugely increases our chances of innovation and the time to act collectively is now. Click this button and find out the power of our platform...


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders...

Each year, half a million students graduate in the UK. But there are only 20k grad placement jobs. That's a huge amount of competition based on CVs and limited experience. With only 1 in 25 getting a grad placement how do you stand out?

Students make the best innovators however it's really hard to demonstrate that on your CV. So if you want to improve your chances of recruitment, there are businesses looking for people like you and our app helps them find the next future leaders.

Rob Fryer, head of student recruitment at Deloitte, wants to see students demonstrate how the technical skills they have learned could be applied in the real world.

When asked which attributes he values in graduates, he says that, like Ernst & Young, Deloitte has moved away from examining “past achievement as a yardstick about what people can do in the future, and started to think about things like resilience, innovation and goal orientation”.

77% of employers are specifically looking for graduates with problem-solving skills. 71% look for commercial awareness, and 81% are looking for teamwork skills. And their are also tonnes of cool startups looking for these skills too.

Want to show them what you can do? Click below to learn about how we help you...


Music by Akala. Because he’s awesome.


Winning ideas get funded into social enterprises...

We will be acting like a VC, to fund the winning impact ideas that you all make together into new social enterprises. You'll have the chance to be the founders if you want; and spend the money as you see fit.

Unpackit was one of the winning ideas in our beta mission #DrasticPlastic. Click the button to learn more...



IT'S JUST a good LIfe.

How would you like to work in one of the world's most innovative companies who look to employ the most exciting young talent they can find?

With increasing speed of new products coming to market, the companies who want to remain competitive in 10 years are looking for the best recruits now. They are looking for future leaders.

We'll be collaborating with businesses across all sectors; from marketing, to AI, design, VR, education, energy, finance, fitness, food, gaming, health, social media, impact, tech, and transport, etc.

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Jean Garcia
Sara Clark
William Liu
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Robert Horvat
Kimberly Johnson
Arthur Rogers
Janet Turner
Catherine Jones
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Laura Nowak
Linda Price
Donna Eckart
Jennifer Davis