10x Challenges are designed to maximise our opportunity for success by bringing more of the world's brightest minds together in collaboration than ever before. With more eyes on the prize, we have a more diverse knowledge base for cross pollination of ideas and enhanced innovation.

A good idea can come from anyone anywhere.

We teach you how to Ideate and be more creative. And you build your reputation with a dynamic CV showing your actual abilities and core skills.

Businesses offer hundreds of interview opportunities to the best problem solvers, and in return for this opportunity to get the best future leaders, they provide sponsorship to pay for the winning idea to be enacted.

This way everyone is a winner.

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1 challenge

10 Companies

100 Job opportunities

1000 Students

$10,000 Prize money for winning idea

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10 challenges

100 Companies

1,000 Job opportunities

10,000 Students

$100,000 Prize money for winning ideas

10X logo-15.png

100 challenges

1000 Companies

10,000 Job opportunities

100,000 Students

$1m Prize money for winning ideas


The winning ideas are the result of collaboration by many individuals. They might take a number of forms in order to enact the initiative. For example it may be a solution to an existing issue an organisation like a charity has, in which case the money would help that charity enact the solution. Or it may be a new idea that can be turned into a new social enterprise, business, or a charity. In which case, the money would be used to help create a start up and make an MVP (minimum viable product) to test the hypothesis. Or the initiative may be an effort to create behavioural change in society and therefore it is a system's change solution that may need a strategic partner to market it, or the money could be used to rally enough people to persuade the government to make regulation change. Each initiative will present us with new opportunities and will be enacted in a way that befits its success.