Plastic in the food industry is made to be used once, but designed to last forever.

Challenge: How do we get a commitment from supermarkets to reduce the plastic packaging they use?

With the help of over 1000 people who downloaded our app, this was our first Mission together to test the app at scale. Our Citizens developed over 80 ideas to reduce the over packaging by food merchants and supermarkets by creating a collective movement to change industry behaviour.

The topic was chosen by our facebook supporters so we partnered up with the amazing folks from the Plastics Pollution Coalition, who have over 800 amazing member organisations doing great things in the world around reducing plastic issues (a big thank you to Emily for this great collaboration).

The Mission promo video was seen over 34k times. The ideas were voted on over 4k times. We had 960 monthly active users at our most active, and 16k unique screen views. All in all it was a great success for our first trial. It showed that you are all brilliantly creative and keen to solve world challenges together. 

- Who is it for?

You, me, everyone around us, oceans and waterways, and the environment.

- Why is it needed?

Plastic pollution is a threat to our environment and health. By reducing the use of plastic in food packaging we can help create a healthier environment for human and animal life.

- What is the context?

Over recent decades we have moved to a society of disposable plastic products. Whilst there are many obvious benefits to using plastic, its impact on the environment is so disastrous that we must reduce our consumption of it.  One of the biggest perpetrators is the food industry so we must encourage them to change their practices.

More plastic was manufactured in the last 10 years than all of last century.Only 8 percent of plastic is recycled in the U.S. and less than 1 percent is recycled worldwide.

Why are we using a substance that doesn’t biodegrade, adds on average 16% more to the costs of the products we buy, uses tonnes of oil to produce, and is harmful to our health, wildlife, and the environment?

Recycling is not the solution to plastic pollution. This Mission was not about increasing the recycling habits of consumers, but trying to limit the amount of plastic that ever gets used in the first place.


one of the winning ideas - unpackit


This idea was one of the most popular in the Mission. Created by Justin Small in London, it has already undergone a pilot test where we amassed over 50 Londoners in Spitalfields market. 

Together we all united during a busy weekday lunch break. Taking with us our tupperware food containers and asked all the food stall merchants in the market to serve us our food in our own containers; rather than the single use plastic containers they use, that once they are contaminated with food, cannot be, and are not, recycled.

We're expecting great things from this movement and already we're seeing supermarkets starting to take action and allow tupperware to be brought into stores for items that need to be weighed from the meat and cheese counter.

Well done to everyone who took part!

Because this was our beta mission, we did not have any sponsorship money to support the project, and so we're amazed by Justin's energy to make this happen on a shoestring, and all the wonderful people who are helping him make great changes.