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Be an am-badass-or

Students who want to work at TTPOW first have to become an 'Ambadassor' first. You will be invited to join the talent if you can do one of the following:

a) you're showing great skills on the app in the challenges
b) you're one of the top 'influencers' and have invited the most other students to join up using your referral links (see the page after sign up)
c) you've participated in our 'Brain Orgies' to help improve the app and the company and we've recognised your insights as being seriously valuable

Ambadassors will be given options to work with us, come to all our events, get the latest opportunities before anyone else, and also make some serious dollar. We'll make intros for you to whoever you want; to help open the doors you need. All part time while at university, your time, your way. We'll give the deserving ones glowing references if you want to go work in another company instead of with us once you've graduated. This is the ultimate work experience. You won't be making coffees unless you want one.

Our Work ethic:

Achieve more. Work less. 

This is around being more productive in life, but not through longer hours at a desk. The more life you have the more attention you can give your work when you choose to. Less meetings more technique.

Authenticity. We practice what we preach:

We work to support each other. Distributing the load where many hands make light work, and also can improve the quality of that work through effective collaboration.

Radical transparency and constructive criticism. We are open to changing our behavioural patterns, increasing our knowledge base, and learning from each other. We tell each other when something's up, life's too short to beat around the bush - ain't no one got time for that.

We define success by having colleagues who are deeply fulfilled in life and work, getting paid well enough to be comfortable, (but not stinking rich - we believe in equality), as well as creating enormous impact in the world around us. What you see here is just the beginning of what we've got planned.

We will hold 'Brain Orgies' to expose our vulnerabilities to people outside our operation so we can learn from you how to improve. If you’d like to be a part of these, we'd love your input, and you can sign up here:

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