Students are the ultimate innovators.


We believe that no one in society needs to fail or suffer for others to succeed, which is why we've created this ecosystem for us all to help each other. A platform where everyone benefits.

We believe in the power of us and what we can achieve together if we focus all our passion and creativity.

Students like you have a wealth of knowledge already learnt, you've got drive and you're the new breed of citizens who wants to leave this planet better than you were handed it. You want inspiring jobs with companies that reflect your morals. You are what we call the 'aspirationals'.

You aren't yet tainted by cynicism and pessimism; you can see the hypocrisy in society and you want to challenge the status quo to make things better. So how do we do this?

Well, first and foremost we have to do it together. Secondly, as William Blake said, we have to create a new system or be enslaved by another man's. And thirdly, we have to be the realistic experimenters; that's to say that whatever we make together needs to dream big but actually work. So we've created an app to help you all do that - and we think its bloody brilliant.


dedicated to positive change

We've worked across all sectors, and we think that we need to put you, the citizens, back in the picture. Businesses need to be more charitable, charities need to be more business like (with sustainable income), and politics needs to be more inclusionary of its electorate. We call this the 'All Sector' and this is just the beginning: With your help we'll change society for the better.


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We believe that it's not so much about what we want to see LESS of in the world (i.e. Poverty), and what we want to see MORE of (i.e. People who have gotten onto the economic ladder from Poverty). Sometimes by focusing on the negative issues we are in fact just compounding them. Yet when we see good behaviour in society that does great things, it should be applauded, encouraged and supported.