We know what it's like trying to find internships and jobs after Uni; as we've all been there and it was stressful, disappointing, long, painful, and often we had nothing to show for the unsuccessful applications - it was time wasted.

And ffs, another thing, how are we meant to have 'experience' in our chosen field already? When you've got to hold down a job to pay your way through uni, on top of tonnes of work to do. Aaaand, we've never done that job, so why are you quizzing us about how much we know about it already? C'mon, throw us a bone...

So, what's the new paradigm? Well by working on real world problems, by voting on each others suggestions, and by building on each others ideas in collaboration, we'll have some banging data. We can give recruiters (only if you want) a new set of up to 17 CV competencies that show your actual skills and positive character traits. This is what's called Performance Based Assessment and is way more useful to show:
- your good business acumen,
- your ability to solve problems,
- forecast effectively,
- your creativity,
- teamwork skills,
- and soft skills (like emotional intelligence)



With each Challenge you work on you build up your reputation. Earning badges and certificates that demonstrate your worth. As a dynamic member of society;  an intelligent, creative and resourceful Citizen who shows high levels of ingenuity.

Power Up
Learn how to focus your creativity through our innovation methodologies. We teach you how to solve problems in a fun and easy way that when combined with other people's ideas, produces powerful solutions that can change the world.

Dynamic CV

By participating in the Challenges, you earn points. These points demonstrate up to 17 different competencies that can't be shown on a normal static CV. All seriously useful to your future employees, increasing your chances of getting interviews when you can show them your skill sets in real time.


take the path of least resistance.

We want to give everyone a chance to show how good they are. It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from. Socio-economic whatever, or ethnic blahblah. We give everyone exactly the same chance to shine. This is a decentralised p2p meritocracy. You put in the input, and you all decide together what the best ideas are (we don't decide anything; you subjectively rate each other, and we just help facilitate it all).

Academic results are good and all, but they are a really limited set of competencies when it comes to seeing whether you'd be good in a company. This is why firms now do crazy psychometric tests and all that jazz. If you aren't amazing at exams, then you might be part of the 90% of talent that goes undiscovered because the best don’t fall within typical academic sorting criteria.

Richard Branson had poor school results, struggled with dyslexia, and left school at 16. The Virgin Group now comprises over 200 businesses with an estimated value of £5.5bn - he would have been overlooked. We don't want you to miss the chances you deserve just because the current system is outdated. It's time for an upgrade to recruitment.

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