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World Brain Power

We live in an unprecedented age of technology. That phone in your hand/pocket/bag... well it connects all of us. It means we can make 'doing good' as easy as picking up your phone. And when you do, you're connected to all the other amazing minds of the world. Imagine what we can do if we ALL set our minds to it?!

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Powerful Methodology

In-app games teach creative thinking and we guide users to find solutions together. Our unique innovation methodology allows for collaboration at scale in a fun and engaging way - like no other platform you've ever used. You can play as much as or as little as you want and still get a lot out of it.


Find Hidden Strengths

Judging someone on their CV is like judging a book by its cover. We focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. Strengths are made up of talents, which are in turn made up of patterns of thought and behaviour. For example:

Thought process: I have nothing to lose by talking to that person. 
Behaviour: Approaching random people
Talent: Good at connecting with strangers and getting a response
Strength: Ability to create new opportunities

Our app helps you create new thought processes for thinking creatively and innovatively. You begin to problem solve more naturally in day to day life. It becomes a talent that you apply in multiple scenarios, and as you nurture this talent people begin to see it as a strength - one that you'll take with you throughout the rest of your life.


50 Centaur

The app is what we call a centaur - human creativity joined with computational horse power. We've created bio-algorithms to sort through all the info that everyone creates, so you don't feel overwhelmed by too much data. In fact, you can dip in and out of it even when you're kicking your hooves around town.

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Fair and Just

Our platform removes any biases. You can work anonymously if you want. But no one can judge anyone else on what they look like (even if you like to wear a tail like 50 Centaur). This is a meritocracy, you are all voting on each other's ideas on how good you think they are and nothing else gets in the way. The best ideas rise to the top and the 'not so good ones' are discarded to make space for new ideas.